Simple and advanced time recording


uTerminal: the modern time clock. Innovative, easy to use and simple to integrate into your existing infrastructure using WLAN/cellular connections. Perfectly compatible with every time management system – thanks to uTerminalComm. The newly developed uTerminal app covers all time recording functions, enabling cost-effective, fast and easy time recording.

The app

The newly developed uTerminal app covers all time recording functions, enabling fast, easy and cost-effective time recording. Employees are identified by QR codes via iPad camera or by using an RFID Bluetooth reader with LEGIC or MIFARE badges.

No time loss – even offline

When it is used offline, the posted entries are saved in the app and the values are transferred to the time recording software whenever the app is online. Employees can check their time account or holiday entitlement directly any time.

Guaranteed communication without risks

Integration communication means the uTerminal app interacts exclusively with the time recording software. Customer data is only transferred directly between the app and the customer's server, ensuring complete security.

Design and functionality – the iPad advantage

The graphic interface and the simple app set-up make it intuitive to use from the word go.

Guided access enables the iPad to be restricted to an individual app, preventing misuse.

The iPad can be integrated easily in the existing WLAN (Internet/Intranet) removing the need to lay or move additional cables.

Cellular models (G4) ensure access to the fast data networks from practically anywhere.


Type Specs
Material uMount Plus
Unibody, anodized aluminum, color „Space Gray“, weight: 1480 g, size: 31 x 15.3 x 3.3 cm, with wall mount, thief-proof, manufactured in: Switzerland
Hardware Apple iPad Mini 2, 3
Reader EVIS RFID Blutooth reader for Legic/Mifare Badges or iPad camera for QR codes
Wireless WLAN / Cellular via HTTP/HTTPs

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